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All the email protection you need without the disruption.

In 2017 the biggest source of data breaches was human error—inadvertently sending an email to the wrong person or adding the wrong attachment. Everyone has done it because it is all too easy to do. Consider how often we rely on the Outlook autofill feature to suggest the email recipient without really checking or clicking Reply All when we only meant to reply to one person. Metadata cleaning, email recipient and attachment checking are must-have technologies to protect yourself against these accidental, but potentially costly, data breaches and are now available as a single Outlook add-in with cleanDocs.

cleanDocs is the smart way to scrub metadata and send secure emails. Upon clicking Send, users can check the recipient list for external or blacklisted email domains, Reply All and Forward actions to ensure the right information is being sent to the right person every time and that the user’s actions are as intended. On the same screen users can action a series of time-saving tasks as part of the process: rename and clean attachments of metadata based on a specific company policy and convert attachments to PDFs or add to a ZIP file for secure distribution. Watch here to see how cleanDocs is the smart way to send.

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