DMS archiving solutions from Next Page

Too many search results?

  • Is your storage costing too much?

  • Policies you need to comply with?

With information archiving solutions from Next Page, organisations can confidently manage their data, ensuring they can find what they want when they need it. With a range of options to suit your business you can find the right solution which will allow you to effectively store, retrieve and manage unstructured data.

Why archive your iManage Work DMS data?

Cleanse old or irrelevant data by archiving data which is no longer required. You will optimise results by searching through fewer folders and ultimately improving overall performance. Leverage cheaper server storage by moving to lower tier storage. You can free up expensive disk space and avoid running multiple servers which will significantly reduce costs. Meet compliance and legal

requirements by archiving or deleting documents within specified time frames. Archiving will

help to protect your business by safeguarding organisational data and records.


It is important to find the right solution for your business. OIA has partnerships with a number of different providers who can offer Database and File Share options. Archive to Database involves moving old documents, workspaces, metadata, folders and security to an archive database. Alternatively you can export all data to a File Share on your computer/server, resulting in a much lower cost if users are not required to regularly search and access data.

Who we partner with Next Page partners with the best of breed when it comes to solution providers. You can be rest assured that your information is in safe hands and we will find the best solution for your business.

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