DocsCorp OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution

For many clients, the scanned documents sent as a pdf are only an image. There is ​​no way to find information in the document without reading it. DocsCorp have created a solution that opens every image file, reads it and will covert it to a text searchable document if it isn't already. This happens behind the scenes. Users can then find all the information in their file store or DM system. The latest contentCrawler solution provides features like:

  • Assesses and analyses documents in a content repository for OCR and/or compression processing.

  • Sets compression and text thresholds to optimize processing, ignoring documents that do not meet the requirements.

  • Converts all image-based documents (such as TIF, JPG, PNG and image PDFs) in the DMS to text- searchable PDFs adding a text layer for enhanced searching. Processes image-based attachments in emails.

  • The Compression module will apply compression and down-sampling to all PDFs, reducing them in file size using a variety of JPEG compression standards.

  • The automated end-to-end process can run 24/7 without any staff intervention, emailing periodic notifications of processing statistics and error reporting to the IT Administrator. Staff no longer have to worry about OCR or Compression as a process or workflow.

For a quote or more details please contact Next Page here.

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