iManage Work 10 - Blog Series 1.4

Features of iManage Work 10 Client:

In Work 10 there are a range of new client features and functions:

  • Provides a minimal footprint- the responsive web interface is accessible from desktop and mobile browsers.

  • Amazon E-Bay like interface – clean and modern with filter options in the left navigation menu.

  • Personalised searching via filters, rather than browsing tree structures.

  • Profile pictures available.

  • Graphical timelines of document activity, rather than history details.

  • Version comparison available.

  • Seamless offline experience directly from the Office applications.

  • A blue dot icon been appears for each user to indicate that changes were made to content they have working on or reviewing.

  • Recent Matters list is automatically maintained based on content activity so that users do not have to manually update the list.

  • Displays the complete location details for files and folders, for example, when there is repeated naming conventions such as Email.

  • Email folders are organized into conversation views.

  • Additional email filters for From Me, To Me and Has Attachments.

  • Pre-set search filters based on a workspace, client or other metadata to show a user the latest documents or filed – avoids the need for Saved Searches.

  • Server side preview engine to quickly generate the first few pages in a document. The fidelity does not degrade on high resolution devices. Include retina display enabling user to pinch and zoom to read small text.

  • The logo that appears in the iManage Work 10 web client can be customised for your firm.

  • Offline support for filing emails - Send and File emails when offline allows users to continue working even when disconnected.

We hope you have found this five part blog series helpful. For more details or if you have any questions please contact Next Page here.

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