iManage Work 10 - Blog Series 1.2

New Work 10 Client Features

Some of the features of the new interfaces include:

  • Displays the complete location details for files and folders, for example, when there is repeated naming conventions such as Email.

  • Server side preview engine to quickly generate the first few pages in a document. The fidelity does not degrade on high resolution devices. Include retina display enabling user to pinch and zoom to read small text.

  • Introduction of the iManage Work panel to the desktop interface – users can undock the Work panel in Outlook to make use of multiple monitors to view and interact with the Work Panel in Outlook.

  • Integration with Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 and Adobe Acrobat Standard 2017.

  • In Adobe Pro, when user opens a document, and goes to Tools -> Pages -> Insert Pages -> Insert from File, users can now insert iManage Work files.

  • iManage Work now uses the same Save as PDF converter as Adobe, which results in smaller files and fewer compatibility issues.

  • Upgraded version of KeyView.

  • In Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, the Save as PDF command is available under the File group in the iManage ribbon.

  • The following new button is added to the File tab in Office Backstage View to enable you to save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents with fewer clicks: Save as new version: Opens the iManage Work Integrated Save As dialog box.

  • The new Save and Sync button is available on the iManage tab in all integrated Office applications. It enables you to save with one click the changes you have made to a document, and synchronize these updates with the existing document in iManage Work so that it reflects the latest changes.

  • It is now possible to configure iManage Hyperlinks embedded in Office documents to open directly as checked-out documents, and not in Protected View mode.

  • Introduction of the Cost Recovery Tool module is available as standard - when a user opens an iManage document and types in a few words, the Cost Recovery module records the time spent by the user to edit the document into the document history.

  • Automatic detection of whether iManage Security Policy Manager 1.0 or higher is enabled on your iManage Work Server. A clear visual indicator will be presented in the Properties dialog box when Security Policy Manager is enforcing restrictions on workspaces, folders, and documents.

  • In 9.3.5 Desktop Clients, it is possible to connect to the iManage Work and iManage Security Policy Manager add-ons using the Singleton Common Login. The Singleton Common Login allows the server to manage all user sessions under a single master token.

  • Users can choose their preferred language when using FileSite or DeskSite. Supported languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Brazil-Portugese.

Work Add-ons for Legacy Clients

The add-on package enables the iManage DeskSite or iManage FileSite users to do the following:

  • Flexible Folders - Creating folder structure under a workspace using the templates defined in iManage Control Center (iCC).

  • Ad hoc Workspaces - Creating WorkSpaces and the associated folder structure defined in the iCC template.

  • Trash - View the list of documents deleted by the user. These documents can also be restored to their parent folder.

Email Management Client Features

  • Smart Documents feature which identifies attachments originating from iManage and streamlines the saving of attachments as new versions.

  • EMM toolbar supports Go To option to allow quick navigation to workspaces

  • Email Management allows you to select and file to multiple folder destinations at the same time.

  • Allows you to quickly file emails with a suggested filing location from the toolbar or right click context menu.

For more details or if you have any questions please contact Next Page here.

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