Create, secure, manage, access, share and collaborate on documents and email anywhere, anytime, on any device – we can streamline your technology and systems, improving the way you work.

We are proud to accept this award. This is special recognition of exceptional service delivery, direct customer feedback and technical expertise with extremely complex clients and environments.

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We share our expertise and knowledge to help your business attain goals and solve problems. Our skill sets and techniques have been learned from over a decade of practical experience. We need to know what you need before we can proceed.
The fundamental premise is the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Our design approach is a combination of processes that may include user specific or point solutions, simple application recommendations, business transformation, or more comprehensive workflow designs. 
To implement a system successfully, a large number of inter-related tasks need to be carried out in an appropriate sequence.  We utilise a well-proven implementation methodology.  This includes requirements analysis, scope analysis, customizations, systems integrations, user policies, user training and delivery.
Our training focuses not just on “how” but “why” and we incorporate your policies and procedures into our customised courses. Learning what button to push is simple, but you must understand what you are trying to achieve and how it fits into the organisations’ information management policy.
Our whole team understands that having access to your documents is critical to the operation of your organisation. Many users are not familiar with technical terms and can get frustrated trying to explain the problem, our support team have patience and great communication skills.
Our established client base, large and small, has been with us for many years. We cover many industry sectors including Accounting, Legal, Government, Infrastructure and Utilities. Our client base is also geographically distributed and extends from to both ends of New Zealand and to the South Pacific Islands.
Next Page keeps us current – they have excellent product knowledge and the level of support they offer is fantastic.
Hilda wadham / Commerce commission