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17 Dec 2018

For many clients, the scanned documents sent as a pdf are only an image. There is ​​no way to find information in the document without reading it. DocsCorp have created a sol...

3 Dec 2018

Features of iManage Work 10 Client:

In Work 10 there are a range of new client features and functions:

  • Provides a minimal footprint- the responsive web interface is accessi...

25 Nov 2018

iManage Work Co-Authoring

Co-authoring allows users to take a fresh approach to working collaboratively on a document. While the document is still explicitly checked out, it c...

18 Nov 2018

New Work 10 Client Features

Some of the features of the new interfaces include:

  • Displays the complete location details for files and folders, for example, when there is rep...

11 Nov 2018

New Features in Work 10

Some of the features of the new interfaces include:

  • Introduction of new search engine RAVN which includes AI capability. This can be run in parallel...

4 Nov 2018

The latest major version release of iManage (Work 10) was released in late 2017. This major release introduces a new server architecture, API (Application Programming Interfa...

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